Yoga is a portal to the truth. A human being has it in his nature to have a longing to know the truth. We have faculties that bring us to observe, examine and understand the reality as it is. The purpose of this curiosity is to understand this plane of reality as well as we can and as much of it as we can. To do this, over the duration of our evolution we have discovered several ways. Some other such lenses are science, religion, debate and philosophy.

The Millenniums Old Origin of Yoga 

Yoga (pronounced: Yog-uh), is a Sanskrit word. Pronouncing it “Yo-ga” really is pronouncing “Pizza” as “Pee-zaa”. Yoga means union. The origin and purpose of anything can always be recognized accurately if you trace it back to its first occurrence. The very first practitioner and of course the initiator of this practice is known as “Shiva” in the culture. He used to practice Yoga in order to live a life that was perceived at its truest possible.

All enlightened yogis claim that once you’ve reached that level of perception, you can clearly see how this all, the whole cosmos, is a single form but seems to have separate objects in it due to it’s complex physicality. The word Yoga suggests, physically it is all apart but spiritually it is all in a smooth union.

Yogic practices were first adapted and originated 15,000 years ago by Shiva, who used to live in isolation in the Himalayas and was often witnessed by people either in a joyful dance or in a pleasant stillness. Looking at this, many minds got curious and surrounded him. But then the man sat so oblivious of their presence that it vanished, as people soon left. There were only 7 men who were committed enough to learn the ways of Shiva, so they kept begging and pleading until Shiva said “Idiots, this is not something you can do without putting a lot of work in it, and how you are right now, it’s going to take ages.”

A statue of Shiva

This gave the seven men some hope and they began working upon themselves. They practiced day in, day out, week after week, month and another, years and decades. They kept on it for 84 years till Shiva ignored them. But then they became such that they couldn’t be ignored anymore. Shiva looked at them and saw how receptive they had become towards the reality. After thinking about it for a few days, he chose to become the first Guru and impart his practices to them.

These seven men, in Sanskrit, are called “Saptarishi” – “The seven sages”. Shiva taught each of them a unique form of Yoga and each of them voyaged to a different part of the world to further teach the technology to the masses. This is how Yoga was born and the 7 limbs of it that are practiced to date. Even though they aren’t preserved as they were but still reflect a lot of the practices in their own modern forms.

How Does Yoga Take Us To The Truth?

So how exactly does bending your body in a hundred different ways, holding your breath correctly, sitting in a specific manner, training your mind or self-reflection takes us to the absolute truth? On the way of this human system becoming absolutely receptive of the truth, there are quite a few obstacles. To name a few:

  • We can chain ourselves to our past disallowing ourselves to perceive what’s going on in the here and now
  • We develop such an attention that we can’t maintain the level of concentration required to be able to see reality as it is
  • Our thoughts become so compulsive and noisy, that we no more can silence ourselves and listening is always the second step
  • We develop solid personalities that shell us in a confined existence

To work on yourself using the most efficient and wise techniques with the purpose of removing this obstacles, is simply the procedure of Yoga. Of course bending your body doesn’t make you receptive directly, but it is to train your physical selves to become absolutely flexible, the mind then follows suit as it is a good mirroring machine. Yoga gurus chose such methods as they are easier to work with. What’s easy, lifting an arm or silencing a noisy mind?

Yoga at HealthBrave

At current, we do not offer any classes or coaching. We are maintaining the Yoga section in our blog to help people connect to the truth of the practice and assist them in doing the right things so they can prepare their systems for a better life. If you’re someone who wishes to become more receptive and lively or someone who would like to see everything exactly as it is, Yoga is for you. It is the ultimate mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. You can subscribe to the Brave Club so that you are notified whenever there’s a new article. We will be posting articles in a sequence so that whoever wants to begin practicing can take their steps in a sequential and practical manner.

We intend to motivate the required inspiration for you to add Yoga to your life, one step a day and we are prepared to be always present for that to happen. While of course we won’t be able to do beyond the time we’re setting aside for this, but we would be happy to receive any questions you might have about Yoga, and we will help you find the answers you’re looking for. We welcome you to use our contact form to post your questions whenever you’d like to.

My question now is, are you health-brave enough to make this happen?

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