In the previous article, we disassembled happiness to understand exactly how it happens. And we did get there! In this second part, we are going to explore if it is practically possible to always be in a state of happiness.

Being Happy Is Like Speeding                                         

A car can go slow, fast, it can be parked or even wrecked. When you become the master of the vehicle that this human body is, happiness is just one of the choice you will have as a driver. We will get to the topic of mastering the human vehicle, but let’s first understand the state of happiness.

When a car is at a great speed, it cannot stop suddenly. Therefore it’s illegal to speed in the cities, but on the highway you can go at higher speeds. Highways are empty. Similarly our day to day lives are made of all sorts of roads. In a day, you’ll get to drive through very narrow lanes, to the regular roads, to the highway; and sometimes even free empty grounds. If you’ve been driving a car, by now you know where we’re heading towards.

In this sense, happiness is like speeding. If we speed through all sorts of roads, on the wider ones we will survive but on the tighter ones we’ll get into accidents, if we’re lucky then behind the bars, if a little unlucky, under the ground. So the answer is, yes, we can be happy all the times but we shouldn’t be, it’s not in our best interest. We must develop a natural judgment of what kind of a situation we are in, and how secure or reckless is it to be happy in it.

The License to Happiness

However, all this comes after you know how to tuck yourself into the bubble of happiness whenever and wherever you want. It takes us a few years to learn how to do all kinds of stunts with a car, and that too when we put ourselves to the task of learning how to drive. To do the same with the human vehicle, you have to first decide that you want to learn it and then practice it for some time before you can master it.

I know that’s a bummer, and I don’t want to tell you that it’s easy peasy. It’s an uphill climb. But once you’re at the peak of this specific mountain, life will be lemon squeezy. So it’s worth investing all of your being into. In a 100% truthful world, 95% of the readers would have left after reading this part of the article and only 5% would stick around for the third. Because only 5% of us can invest ourselves into a journey that rewards us after a long time.

In the next part, we will discuss how to turn happiness on and off at will and how it should be maintained or managed wisely. If you can be brave enough to get to the healthy experience we’re lighting the path towards, there’s a life of comforts ahead of you that you could have not yet imagined. Stay tuned, stay brave!

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