Love, happiness, joy or any other amazing human experience for that matter is in its core a pleasant sensation within us. These are the only things more valuable than money. Just like money, happiness can be earned if we work for it. In this article, we are going to explore what exactly is the work required to earn this valuable, that every person on this planet is ready to strive for.

Do You Understand How Happiness Works?

The #1 idea that robs us of the most of happiness is our misunderstanding about how it happens. Really, think about it. Have you ever, or have you even ever seen someone else, just sitting on a couch and wondering how happiness happens to us?

A good understanding of something always comes with observing it, thinking about it from different angles and experimenting with it. Think about this device you’re reading the article on, didn’t you have to look at it properly, observe how others used it, and experiment with it sufficiently before you could properly begin using it? Think about ANYTHING that you have a good understanding of. You’ll find that these were the very steps with which you understood those things.

Now stop for a while and think when exactly did you observe happy people, brainstorm about happiness or actually experiment with your own happiness like that? Just because it’s something spiritual and not in your hands physically, doesn’t mean you can’t do these things with it. But hey! Good news, you’re still alive and we can get right into it!

The Parts of Happiness

It’s easier to unpack something into smaller parts to attain a deeper understanding. Let’s undo happiness to see all of its part so we know just how to create it. We know what the first step of understanding is, it’s to observe happiness! Let’s observe happiness sprouting out of the silliest and the littlest event that took place 5 months ago… let’s nicely observe this clip:

Step 2, we got to think about this. Here we’re trying to be happy and doing what not for ourselves and this kid can bounce just because he got a banana for a present? Wouldn’t you kill your best friend if this is what he does to you on your next birthday? Why did this toddler spring into happiness in this situation? Is he happy about the banana? Certainly not, he’s probably had a lot of bananas and might have wanted to spit it out at times. Is it because of the surprise he got? That’s close! But it’s still a layer away. Surprise him with a real spider and you’ll see the same jumps but in horror this time.

3… 2… 1… here’s the answer, it’ because he got what he wanted! He had a strong desire of finding out what was there inside the wrapped paper, so he’s quickly unwrapping it to see. And BOOM! IT’S A BANANA! The fulfillment of that little desire got him feeling happy. Suddenly it’s a special banana, that he’s “discovered”, now he wants to touch it, eat it and just loves it. Play the video again to look at it with this understanding and see if it’s true. There are a few more kids on YouTube happy about finding a banana, let’s make this into real science and observe two more kids:

Ladies and gentlemen, we now know what the very parts of happiness are. It is to first have a desire, to do the work required to meet that desire and to CELEBRATE when you have it fulfilled! Happiness for these toddlers, you, me and every other human being – this is the truth of it folks! It is what springs out of us and out of our own desires, not something that comes into us from the external world. It’s simple but we tend to overcomplicate it.

Read the next part of this article, to find out if there’s a way to be always happy. You will not be disappointed at all! In that next article, we will learn exactly how to create, manage and maintain healthy levels of happiness. 

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  1. Maybe we need to have a grateful heart that always appreciate things this life could offer, only then we can be happy. We are sad coz of disappointment. We are disappointed becoz we expect too much. That kid was happy coz he didn’t expect something.. Too much and he appreciate things given to him. Thanx😊🙏

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