In Yoga and other cultures of seekers, becoming transparent is something sought after. It’s a seeker’s fantasy. To become such that regardless of what the colors of an individual’s environment are, he remains unaffected by them. This kind of transparency is pure in the sense that it is in its raw grade – and has not taken any conditioning upon it.

If you’re lucky to be living in a country where law, morals and social ethics are preserved, you need not to worry about the bigger environment. But even in the best countries or cities, individual families have their own internal environments. These environments are usually as good as the leaders of the family as they are shaped to be the molds of their comfort. The ethics, norms and values of the family are designed to provide constant comfort to those who created the family.

This is not just with family. Think about any environment, even the global environment, it lacks trees because the leaders have twisted it to their comfort. They want a thriving economy more than a thriving planet. Look at the corrupt countries, their morals are just as good as their institutions, and economy just as worse as comfortable the bank accounts of their leaders.

How to Stay Protected From These Colors?

When you’re a part of an institution, it’s difficult not to play by their rules. If you won’t, you’ll be challenged by almost every member of it. They’ll do their best to paint and condition you just so that you’re a part of the tide and play along. But what do you need to become so, that no matter what happens, you can happily live in these places and still be transparent? You need bravery. Let’s dive deeper and see what’s the journey going to be like and why even take this road?

The WHYs of Such a Life

If you’re thinking of taking this road, you probably have the greatness in you that changes environments. You are not someone who can be colored on a canvas, because you are yourself the artist outside of it. This is a reason enough. You’re the painter of your own world or you want to decide for yourself who you’d let paint a better picture for you. Not you? Then this road is only suffering for you. If you think that’s you, this is the only road you can ever be happy on.

Another good reason is that you want to explore the maximum human potential that toxic environments will not let you mature into.

Maybe you’re temporarily locked in a toxic environment. This is a good example of a situation where you want to learn how to be transparent, so for the time you’re in there, you’re not catching the colors that you don’t want on you.

The “How To”

This is the best you can do to create a good life for yourself, but I understand it may not be possible for everyone. If it’s not, then apply these steps staying within your own limits.

Step 1 – Detach and Distance: these words do sound negative, but in some situations they are golden. When you are being poisoned by an environment, that’s an obvious indicator that you need to detach from it and distance yourself to a better place. This may or may not be possible in different situations, but to whichever extent it is, you have to do it to that level. You might just want to create a space of your own within the main environment.

When you’re detaching and distancing, the place or people you’re trying to stay away from, will begin working/acting better, to lure you and keep you attached. This is a trap that you now know to ignore. Because once you’re back in there, and attached again, things are going to go back to being toxic.

Step 2 – Create Healthy Replacements: oh boy! This is going to be some work. If you’re detaching from a relationship, you’ll need some other to take its place and provide you with what this relationship was offering. The work here is to make sure that the new replacement is absolutely free of the toxic elements that made you detach. This work can get tougher as you might end up being close to another kind of fire that you didn’t even know about. So you’ll have to push that away again and find another replacement till you’ve found the one that’s healthy for you. It’s an emotional hustle. But the good news is that it’s only going to be a long-term phase of peace after that if not a permanent.

This is not to say to just detach from any relationship or environment that’s not working how you expect it to. Nothing will ever work to your full expectation. But if something is damaging your life, don’t allow space for that in your life please. It will be sad and disappointing at first, but once the new replacements are built, your life will be happier and more rewarding than it ever has been.

Step 3 – Drag through It but Do It: Do the work. Do what you have to everyday. That’s what being health-brave is all about, that you wake up every day and ignite the fire within you to do the work that’s required to create a healthier life.

If you’re thinking transforming is as easy as just moving yourself around, stop talking to a few people, and talking to some new ones. Voila! Day 2 – it’s a new life. Sorry to pop that bubble, but that’s not how it happens or would be fun even if it’s a fiction story. Even in fiction, we want to see a phoenix burn before it is reborn. That’s how it is in life as well. Your mind is going to scream and beg as loudly as it can, to just be comfortable. You have to let it do all the screaming and shouting, and still pick up the brick, calmly lay it where it is supposed to be, in order to complete what you’re building and give yourself a pat.

Once it’s built, your dear mind is going to see “oh! It is a lot more joyful and comfortable to be in this new home”.

– Socrates (not the philosopher Socrates but a nickname given by Dan Millman to his spiritual mentor in his book “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”) – here’s the full story by Quotes Investigator

This is how you become absolutely transparent and unaffected by toxic environments. You shouldn’t waste even a vibration of your energy to fight or destroy them, that’s only going to keep you involved with those very environments. The good answer is to leave them be and let them work how they do, but focus your energies on creating your own good environment, to whichever extent you can and let it shine. When you’re on this kind of a track, you’re only stepping towards growth, as much as it is possible to, from where you are!

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