If you’re reading this article, you’re probably someone who’s always willing to learn just a little more about how life works. There’s no magic wand making the earth go round around the sun, it is but a principle. Not a thing in this world happens without a natural law. For a human being to want what he wants there is such a law.

The Law of Materializing a Desire

What are some differences between a poor man who became a millionaire after struggling for a decade and a poor man who’s still poor after 50 years?

1. The millionaire wanted every day of the 10 years to become a millionaire but the poor man believed only a lot of money can attract more money. It’s not a possibility for him.

2. The millionaire walked and talked with the emotions that were made with the clay of his positive desires and thoughts. He shook hands with people that told them “this is the guy”, but the poor man radiated hopelessness, nobody wanted to shake his tired hand.

3. The millionaire’s mind kept working on ways to create more money and he acted upon the good ideas that grew in his mental garden every now and then. But the poor’s mind was a graveyard for any million dollar idea and he himself was the undertaker.

There has been so many articles, tons over tons, and so many speeches about “THINK POSITIVE”, “BE POSITIVE”, “BELIEVE POSITIVE”, we’ve literally been slammed by them. To an extent that even a slight mention of it now makes me and you want to vomit (in different directions, please). These hyper clichés have blocked our minds to listen to the truth, but a paragraph like this one is always good to kick that out of the way.

The Ingredients

A Desire Diary (take any diary and write on the first page “this is my desire diary”, if you don’t do this it won’t work)

A strong clarity of the exact things you want. Don’t tell your DD you want to be rich, write down clearly in it how many dollars you want exactly and in how much time?

Have faith in the magic of your desire diary. She’s god’s special notebook. 😉 You don’t have to worry about what’s possible and what’s not when you’re scribing in that kind of a thing.

Question the desire, do you really want it? What for? Are you sure you’ll get it when you create this thing? Many millionaires thought a million dollars is happiness, they’re still crying but they look good doing it in a Ferrari at least. All the single people thought having a life partner will add that missing bliss in their lives, well… I don’t want to say anything because I’m still single but ask them… Make sure what you’re asking for is what you want, because I’m warning you again, this diary won’t care. It will give it to you.

The diary requires only one thing from you. Commitment. Not an ordinary commitment, but one that’s standing like a mountain. Uncrushable, solid and everlasting. Only desire things you know you can commit to like that.

If you’ve got all this ready, just in a week of doing this your inner system is going to realign and rewire in a way that you won’t believe the things that will begin to happen. But when they do begin happening, it’s common for a person to get mesmerized and protective about it. In that state, you can illogically decide to do new rituals so that you can maintain the new good happenings. But let me remind you again, you have to do nothing else to make something happen but to simply keep following its law.


This ritual is the law of manifesting anything you want in life. I respect all the spiritual teachers and the leaders who even I have learned a lot from. But I want you and others like you to grow even at the cost of the world turning against me. So discard any philosophy you might have learned out of your mind and see it exactly how it is. The law is to simply know what you want, exactly what you want, and stay committed to creating it. Day in, day out. There’s no way anything can then stop you from recreating what you have on the plane of your mind, on the plane of reality.

Every morning, take 30 minutes out. Make these 30 minutes golden by simply pulling out your desire diary and writing down exactly what you want for yourself, your life and the world. This can be about what you want today, this week, the month, this quarter, the year or anything at all. See what you’re most comfortable and productive with.

Good luck creating your own world, consciously, and almost automatically by the use of this little technique.

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