As professionals, all of us have aspirations to do things that are bigger of achievements than what we have achieved. A person coming from humble backgrounds, might be looking forward to somehow earning $2000 a month, a person who already does that wants that $10,000 project, someone who has that big fish, wants to work for the shark who can pay him $100,000 and it just goes high. Jeff Bezos would want his 148Bn dollars to somehow increase to 300Bn.

When You Get the Big Deal

When something new, something bigger begins to happen in our life, isn’t it wonderful? But it’s a package. All that blissful feeling towards the future comes with the heavy load of insecurities. Suddenly you want to say the right things, you want to make sure your client or boss keeps seeing you as the star that he did when you got this new deal. It’s a happy place but at the same time an uncomfortable place to be in.

What a total ecstasy would it be if it came without these anxieties, so is there really a way to rid ourselves of these anxieties? There is!

The Secure Road

The way to security is to realize your own worth and always have gratitude for how you got to this new place. The lack of this gratitude allows a void that then is filled with these anxieties and insecurities.

Let’s say a manager who has now been promoted to a senior manager wants to take this secure road. Only acknowledging everyday how thankful he is that he has the ability to work under pressure and manage people so well, for the communication skills he’s developed that now allow him to lead crowds of people with ease, for the routine he’s been following for it all to remain manageable, all these little acknowledgements are the roots of security.

On the surface, this sounds like the positive thinking bulls***. But deep down it keeps you focused on the process.

A Plant That Pops a Single Flower Can Pop a Million More

If you nurtured a seed with the right manure, watered it punctually, that is all it’s going to take for it to grow flowers in the right time. Getting excited by the flower when it has popped and not seeing how it is due to the process you have been following with discipline, is where insecurities begin.

Now you think to deserve another beautiful flower, you have to take extra care of this plant. But is that the truth? The truth is that you still have to take out 10 minutes in the morning to water it, like you have been doing for months. Same goes for any success.

So the solution lies in the subtle art of remaining dedicated to the process and ensuring you’re making it happen with an unshakable discipline. If that’s done, there’s no way flowers can be denied to you. They’ll keep popping.

A Simple Exercise to Optimize Your Focus Daily

This is just a suggestion from HB, you can create your own exercise or ritual. There are no hard and fast rules for this, as far as you are acknowledging the process and remaining appreciative of yourself for having the ability to stick to it.

– Spare 5 minutes out of your morning
– Find a pen and a paper
– Write down 5 things that you have done before to be successful in a situation similar to this new one
– Under each of the thing, write down how you are grateful to have developed the qualities to be able to do that thing

This simple expression and realization of your qualities and abilities will allow you to remain focused on the process. Let’s be brave and WIN at all the big opportunities that life has to offer!

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