Do you believe in the flying spaghetti monster? But you did at some point of your life believe in fairy tales, don’t you dare deny. It’s okay, we all did. This establishes that beliefs are formed by either logic or trust. These are two human faculties that can create any belief you want. For the sake of this article, let’s just create a goal and an imaginary character. So our boy Adam, wants to become the President of the US.

Adam’s Logic

The number one thing Adam needs to do, in order to believe in this goal, is to convince his logic. Speaking from a logical standpoint, every president that we’ve ever seen was once like Adam – unaccomplished, a blooming bud and a young dreamer. That’s where they all started before taking their first step and that lead them to the president’s office.

The problem with logic is that it can easily be hijacked by the social noise. No matter how genius a human being, at the end of the day we are emotional and social, interdependent beings. The way nature has made us, if our loved ones repeatedly express a belief about us, eventually our logic will submit to it. But of course, unless we bend the situation, as we are at the same time the strongest, most conscious beings. We know what’s up and we know it better than ever.

Nourishing your logic is essential if you want the fire of your self-belief to be a hot burning red. For Adam to see that his goal is logical, he has to show himself frequently how Donald Trump… maybe that’s not the best example, let’s switch a better role model …how Abraham Lincoln was once just a kid like him. Who just like him had a cute little desire, which he turned into a wild reality. If he could, anybody who has the same desire can, given that they keep believing in their goal how Mr. Abraham did.

Adam’s Trust

Trust is never calculated. It’s not about the head. It’s in the chest. Your heart has to glow just as much as your logic knows, to tell you that you will make it. Some of us understand our emotions and some of us are better in the head. For the more emotional ones, the trust will assist them more than their logic.

Adam is supposed to wake up every day, look out the window, and know deep in his bones that he will one day run all affairs of the land he can lay his eyes across.

Trust is an element that is much more dependent on social support. If Adam shares his vision with 10 people around him, and let’s say he’s living with people who’ve lost their financial battles or generally in life, they’ll probably laugh and find him cute. Their belief that “he’s just a stupid kid” is going to be much louder than Adam’s developing belief that “I can”, hence it will be crippled.

Creating your Own Loud YES

Here we go! We’re at that part of the article! Oh yes, the practical solution part of it, that leaves you with no excuse. So here’s how to WIN. Don’t fight the “NO” the “naysayers”. You don’t want to be invested in the negative circus, just be amused by it, clap sometimes, but never get too involved in it as to become a clown in it or to go and fight with all the other clowns. Always, be someone who sets up his own tent jusr right next to it, and create the magic of YES in it.

Make friends with people who trust you when you tell them you’ll one day be the president of the country. Who’ll say, “Yeah Adam! You’ve got that kind of communication skills”, “Yeah man, I get that kind of vibes from you. I know you can do it if you work for it”.  

Put that Abraham Lincoln poster on the front wall of your room, stick around his best quotes that ignite that fire in you in a place or two. Listen to affirmations that remind us about our good qualities that we often tend to ignore and forget, while we’re too consumed and distracted by the noise of negativity.

Most importantly, make every single day a “YES” by putting in the work you have to. You know what the work is, you know you can do, and you know if you do the day will contribute to the making of your goal. So Adam is supposed to every day practice better communication, practice better human interaction, empathy and serve the community however he can. He should have a goal of planting a tree this week, and cleaning the street in the next. If we see a guy like that, can we ignore him? I can’t.

Dealing with the Toxic Naysayers

There will always be that one person in life, who tried to fly in his life but had fallen on the ground with his wings burned and face smashed. He walks around with the broken wings and an injured face, telling everybody they shouldn’t fly, it’s stupid to. They’ll go to any lengths to cut your wings if they see you flying, it might scare them or just make them feel bad about themselves.

We should have empathy for them and compassion for their situation. But fighting, arguing or having debates with this kind of people is what we discussed about the circus. That will only involve you into negativity that is not yours to deal with. Smile. Didn’t work? Nod. Didn’t yet? Change the topic. They’re pulling you back into it? Switch to another person in the room. They’re still poking? Distance yourself, their “nay nay” can be worse than Corona for your goals. They’re following? Politely leave them out of the door of your life. Do what you have to, to protect your belief in your goals. There’s nothing that’s going to make your quality of life better than this, no other behavior.

This is all it takes folks! Get up, have more YES in your life, keep working on your goals and get all that you want. YOU CAN. Anybody can. That’s the magic of life. And know that whoever says you can’t, has lost in their time here. The show is over for them. Be compassionate, be the bravest and move on!

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