Coffee. Let’s be generous and assume 90% of adults are hanging on it to kick start their days. But our ancestors didn’t need it and they’ve probably done more energetic tasks then we ever will. Like building pyramids without machines. Forget a pyramid, don’t give a man his morning coffee and he won’t lift a brick today. Why have we become so wimpy in our energy and how to become as energetic and active as the Pharaohs?

Let’s Understand Energy

I’m not going to bore you with the sciency equations; I know we’re all tired… but I am going to explain it in simpler words. Anything that gives our cells the fuel to work is a source of energy. The most common are two: food and oxygen.

Out of these two fuels our cells rely on, the world is doing more than it should with the first – that’s right, food’s served – but we’re doing nothing and way too less than we should for the other. Seriously, think about it… when was the last time you did something for oxygen? The question sounds absurd. That’s how much we’ve ignored it. Because what can you really do about it?

You Can Breathe

Why I’m not a big fan of our scientific exploration is that it is not exploring things like “breathing” but more invested in creating the next “iPad” or the next quick pill to manipulate and silence depression. We’ll have a hundred thousand researches for an ipad or one of its parts, for every single research we have for breathing. If even now we can’t say that things have gone out of hands, I don’t know when can we?

Yogis, mystics, seekers and sages have however been exploring the more important sides of a human being’s life to make it better. They’ve been doing it without labs and fancy gadgets but they’re much far ahead in these areas than science is right now. So to understand breathing best, we’ll have to look into the body of knowledge that knows it the most. It’s the yogic explorations.

Breathing Through the Lungs of Intense Seekers

Diving too deep into these subtle perceptions can give most of us some brain spins. It will be too sharp of an analysis. So I’ll try to keep this as light as possible, floating on the surface and just defining the link between energy and breathing.

What we breathe, we know it as “oxygen”, but that’s only the gas. Like we know fish is good for muscle building, but fish is just the creature. It’s the protein that helps in building muscles. Ask any scientist if we know oxygen as it is or are there deeper layers we can still explore? And he’ll tell you that the latter is the truth.

The yogic legends were intense seekers of these subtle things. In their seeking they found that there is a life substance within these gasses that energizes us. This substance is present in sunlight, in different food we eat, in different things that are alive.

So when we inhale, it’s not just pulling air into lungs, it is pulling fuel into the body. When we exhale, it’s letting out the waste of the consumed fuel, like a car’s exhaust exhaling smoke. That’s how important the process of inhalation and exhalation is. If a car’s exhaust is blocked, it can’t keep on moving and same if there’s no fuel in it.

For the sciency ones, here’s a study that retrained breathing patterns in patients of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. They found out that all of them had irregular breathing patterns, and upon correcting those, the patients’ condition improved drastically.

The Magic Trick to Infinite Energy

It is to fix your breathing. Oh boy… as basic as it sounds, it can take a year. But if you’re a hard nut, as committed as John Wick, you can get there in 2 to 3 months. If you are inhaling and exhaling freely the whole day, there is no way energy can be denied to you.

Breathing freely doesn’t mean just to inhale and exhale in a flow. It requires you to consciously practice keeping the muscles of the pubic region, abdomen, chest, neck and throat at ease.

It is a human reflex to load the stress on these muscles during tense situations or when you’re overwhelmed. The kind of age we live in, we’re overwhelmed 90% of the times, being exposed to all the information and what not.

Exercise Suggestions:

We personally recommend anything from Isha foundation that would help you keep at ease. Especially what they call “Nadi Shuddhi” and what I identify as “Energy Cleansing”. Even though the roots are in Sanskrit, but I believe we need to begin calling it by names that a majority of population understands. As the name is an introduction, and making the very introduction complicated will turn off people. While keeping it simple will be more welcoming.

What this exercise of our energy channels works on, goes deeper than what’s discussed in this article, but just this one practice every day can keep you energetic.

Above all, my recommendation would be to see if you’re breathing shallow. It can be due to a deviated septum, nasal polyps, some other underlying problem or just because you have developed bad breathing habits due to past stress and tensions. Find out if you’re breathing freely or in a shallow manner, if it’s shallow, do the work to bring your breathing at ease again.

If you’re breathing at ease throughout the day, there’s no way you will not be energetic. You’ll have 99 problems, but fatigue ain’t gonna be one! Be brave and do what it takes to be who you want to be in life!

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