Be it a person’s life, a battle, an enterprise, a small business, a family or a whole nation, the person who stands at the forefront is bound to be the most vulnerable. Physically, mentally or emotionally, in all aspects they are posed first to tackle the most of the threats.

Another side of this coin demands the leader to take the right actions that will lead an institution to its success. You and I, if we’re leading our lives, we’re both responsible for what happens in it. It holds us accountable for our actions and we’re in a vulnerable position. If we don’t do anything to tackle our daily challenges, the harm will only fall on us first.

In one way or another, at a level or another, all of us are indeed leaders. When you have the steering, you better know where to turn it and when. If you’re always in doubts, sooner or later, the car is going to crash. This is why a leader has to have developed some strong sources of self-approval in his life. So he knows he’s a worthy individual who has all the ability that is required to handle his situations. The only difference in a person who fails as a leader and those who succeed and live successful lives is that one has the feelings, the security and approval of being a good leader and the other is handicapped by his doubts.

Let’s find out the three easy-to-plant trees that you must plant in the garden of your life, if you want to reap the many fruits of self-approval.

An Attitude of Gratitude

If self-approval was a country’s name, gratitude would be on its flag. A leader cannot have enough of a dose of gratitude in a day. I am personally a fan of simple rituals so that’s what I have to suggest, but this is not a hard and fast rule. Anything that allows you to “FEEL” some gratitude throughout the day, will work. The gratitude has to be focused on all of the abilities you need approval for.

Take a 5 minutes pause, 3 times a day. In each pause, look back to when your day started and to the moment of this pause, how many things have you done in between that is worthy of your approval? Thank nature for enabling you with all that potential. Doing this just 3 times a day will give you a sense of security and recognition of your own good, that often is ignored and blanketed by silence.

The Art of Celebration

This is yet another micro habit to develop. Whenever you’ve done something you consider valuable, let’s say, you’ve found a new client and tied the professional knot on their file. Or you’ve successfully lead a conversation with a woman to a direction you wanted it to go.

Take a pause –  

– However and whenever you can.

Give yourself a spiritual pat on the back for having whatever was required to pull that thing off. Let yourself feel proud of yourself for a minute or two and get back to your day.

This habit creates a sense of healthy self-approval, and keeps you confident to create more goodness in your life.

Genuinely Receiving Compliments

Nothing burns a healthy sense of self-approval as fast as rejecting or degrading a compliment. If someone tells you “it was sweet of you to say that”, know that they felt your sweetness, smile and thank them. That’s it. That’s done. Move on.

Don’t assume the person is just being kind to you. Even if they are, maybe that’s how they express love, but the important thing is there was something in you that triggered the positivity in them to come up to you and say some good words in whatever way they could. Acknowledge it and really receive the compliment.

So there we go guys! 3 good and easy ways to build the self-approval muscle. There’s no other muscle that can make you feel more secure. You know what it takes to build it, you know these are simple practices you can put yourself on starting right now and you know you can persevere in this for at least a week and see how it goes.

It’s a simple sauce for the complicated steak burger your life is grilled into. Now it’s all on you to put this little work in, to be a little braver, and transform yourself forever!

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